What we do

The 50%-scale moving ground plane wind tunnel boasts wind speeds of up to 65m/sec (145mph) to deliver an unprecedented service for reliability, accuracy and repeatability; bringing an outstanding correlation to performance for on-track,
road or aerospace design.


The Lola Technical Centre facilities are complimented by a fully secure control room with complete model making facilities. Automated model controls allow a wide range of pitch, roll and yaw-attitudes to be evaluated. A ground floor seven-post vehicle dynamic test rig delivers an additional research and development service for both commercial and competition cars.


Lola, whose successful debut in sports cars led to success in Formula 1 in 1964 (4th in Championship), winners of the Indy 500 and Can Am title in 1966, more recently success with Le Mans Prototypes, including the 24 Hours, remains a British icon now helping other manufacturers and race teams benefit from its engineering expertise.


Wide range of pitch, roll and yaw-attitudes to be evaluated.


Wind speeds of up to 65m/sec (145mph)


7-post vehicle dynamic test rig


Half of the current Formula One grid has used the wind tunnel since 1999

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